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    Town of Olive Branch / Desoto County

    Excerpts from the Town of Olive Branch Stormwater Ordinance

    Section 3-6. Maintenance and Repair of Stormwater Facilities

    Maintenance Covenants

    Maintenance of all Stormwater Management facilities shall be ensured through the creation of a formal maintenance covenant that must be approved by the AEA and recorded into the land record prior to final plan approval. As part of the covenant, a schedule shall be developed for when and how often maintenance will occur to ensure proper function of the Stormwater Management facility. The covenant shall also include plans for periodic inspections to ensure proper performance of the facility between scheduled cleanouts.

    The AEA, in lieu of a maintenance covenant, may accept dedication of any existing or future Stormwater Management facility for maintenance, provided such facility meets all the requirements of this chapter and includes adequate and perpetual access and sufficient area, by easement or otherwise, for inspection and regular maintenance.

    Section 7-4. Stormwater Management Facilities Maintenance

    7-4.1. Requirements for Maintenance Covenants

    All Stormwater Management facilities must undergo, at the minimum, an annual inspection to document maintenance and repair needs and ensure compliance with the requirements of this Ordinance and accomplishment of its purposes. These needs may include; removal of silt, litter and other debris from all catch basins, inlets and drainage pipes, grass cutting and vegetation removal, and necessary replacement of landscape vegetation. Any maintenance needs found must be addressed in a timely manner, as determined by the AEA, and the inspection and maintenance requirement may be increased as deemed necessary to ensure proper functioning of the Stormwater Management facility.

    7-4.2. Records of Installation and Maintenance Activities.

    Parties responsible for the operation and maintenance of a Stormwater Management facility shall make records of the installation and of all maintenance and repairs, and shall retain the records for at least 3 years. These records shall be made available to the AEA during inspection of the facility and at other reasonable times upon request.

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